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I am very passionate about mentoring. I absolutely love working with groups of people from under-represented groups, like the Black Asian, Minority Ethnic groups, of which I have written a book about some of the injustices they experience in the work place.

I am curious and equally passionate about a wide variety of topics to do with change beginning with self through to valuing of the broader diverse communities more so where I can seek and pursuit deeper sense while connecting with others.

My impetus stems from collaborative working and making the difference. I am the difference that makes the difference. I am keen on empowerment, self leadership and I strongly believe I am the difference that makes the difference, and if I am so are you.

I am experienced in the people development area, keen on growing your own, I am passionate about supporting, guiding and building trusting relationships with my clients, as I am ever so mindful about my degrees of separation.

With teams I believe that you if you acknowledge each other's differences, teams thrive especially if you work from a fair playing field. Greater height performance is tangible in such environment. Diversity births efficiencies and effectiveness.

I have developed a set of strategies to enable your journey, ensuring bite sizes so that you can road map your journey with my guidance.

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