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About Me

Hi, I am Marionette

I am an award winning writer, an international speaker, coach and mentor. I am passionate about self leading making me intrinsically motivated, I am a great believer of internal locus of control,  this in turn drives my every action and effort enabling self efficacy. A trait forged by strong family grounding.    

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Early Years

Raised by a strong woman, produced my internal locus of control. You will get through what so ever is before you, You are the one in control of your destiny. 



I put God first in my life, then family and work last. I do every thing I do for my family trying to embed in them the same seed embedded in my life. 

What My Customers Are Saying

Thank you for being the voice that highlights what we are going through, it resonated within me. It needed to be said.

Sade Obesisan

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